The Assaultbike PRO

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The same bike you love to hate, now with upgraded features. The AssaultBike Pro is the ultimate tool for those looking for a more custom and powerful training experience

Combining the innovative design of the original Assault AirBike with some of the advanced, beefed up features of the Elite model, the AssaultBike Pro is a new hybrid fan bike optimized for low-maintenance durability, even through daily high-intensity training.

Like the other exercise bikes produced by AssaultFitness, the Pro utilizes air resistance and modern engineering to custom-scale automatically to how hard you want to work no matter your size, experience, or skill level. The physics are simple: the harder you pedal, the greater the resistance. The bike’s heavy-duty steel frame offers all the support and stability you need, while its comfortable padded seat, conveniently placed foot pegs, and supportive handlebar grips create a truly user-friendly ride.

For even more customization, there are 11 height settings and 6 front-to-back settings included standard on the AssaultBike Pro, as well as an Elite-style console with Bluetooth and ANT connectivity + 7 onboard programming settings and a competition mode.


  • 11) Different Height Settings and (6) Front-to-Back Settings
  • 36mm Diameter Handlebar Grips for Added Support
  • 25.25″ Diameter Steel Fan
  • Commercially Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket
  • Max User Weight: 300 LBS


  • Assembled:
    Weight  | 118.4 lbs / 53.8 kg
    Length  | 49.8 in / 126.6 cm
    Width  | 24.1 in / 61.3 cm
    Height  | 51.1 in / 129.9 cm
  • Boxed:
    Weight  | 130.0 lbs / 59.1 kg
    Length  | 53.2 in / 135.0 cm
    Width  | 10.6 in / 27.0 cm
    Height  | 35.0 in / 89.0 cm